Our Founders

Two Developers who have a passion for AI, but an even bigger passion for food.


Liam Monaghan

Co-Founder & Front End Developer

Liam Monaghan is the Co-Founder and Front End Developer of tAIsty. He is a passionate foodie and creative thinker. He's always been fascinated by the power of AI and how it can be used to enhance our lives, including the way we cook and eat. Liam is dedicated to making tAIsty the go-to app for recipe discovery and meal planning.


Ashton Pieterse

Co-Founder & Back End Developer

Ashton Pieterse is the Co-Founder and Back End Developer of tAIsty. He has a keen interest in food and technology. Ashton is fascinated by the endless possibilities of AI and how it can transform the way we approach cooking and meal planning. He is committed to bringing tAIsty to the forefront of the industry as the ultimate recipe generation and meal planning app.

Design Team

Taisty isnt just all about great tasting food, but about looking great too.


Tom Barnard

Head Of Design

Tom is the head designer of tAIsty. He is responsible for creating a clean and beautiful looking app.

About tAIsty

Discover new recipes with tAIsty, the AI-powered recipe generator app created by Liam Monaghan and Ashton Pieterse. Never run out of ideas for your meals again.

Our Story

tAIsty was created with the mission to make cooking easier and more enjoyable. We believe that everyone should have access to delicious and healthy meal options. That's why we created an AI Recipe App


Our Values


At tAIsty, we believe that the best recipes come from authentic sources. That's why we use AI technology to find and curate recipes from around the world that are both delicious and authentic.


We're passionate about food and believe that everyone should have access to great recipes. That's why we created tAIsty - to help people discover new and exciting dishes to enjoy with family and friends.


As an AI recipe generator, we are always looking for ways to innovate and improve our platform. We use cutting-edge technology so you can discover new dishes that are tailored to your taste buds.